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How can we help?

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Popular Questions

Popular Questions

Shopping Questions

What’s the average shipping time for my order?
Our inventory is selling so quickly, it may take up to 48 hours to receive an update notification regarding your order status or tracking information.  If for some reason your item is not in stock at the time of your purchase, we will contact you to let you know your options (cancellation, refund, alternative products available.)   Once we ship your order, please allow 3-5 business days for domestic orders and 6-10 business days for international orders.   Order processing & shipping times may be slightly extended during holiday and peak seasons.  
Do you have any free shipping codes for Dream Bags / online purchases?
We love our Rebel customers, and regularly run free shipping and promotional offers! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to make sure you never miss out on #RebelLevel deals.
How do I track my package?
You will receive an email with shipping confirmation along with a tracking number to track your package once it ships. You can also track the status of your order anytime by clicking the below link, and have your order number and zip code ready. Tracking link
How do I return/exchange my package?
Please lookup order and fill out form completely with the reason for your return, attach the label to the original box, and ship back to us in original condition with tags attached, within 10 days of receipt of package. Once we receive, we will process you return or exchange. If you are an international customer, please write "Return-No Duties" on the outside of the box to ensure no customs delays.

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My payment won’t go through…
Try using a different browser…this is usually the solution. If you’re still having trouble, contact us at or

General Questions

How do I wash my uniform?
CARE INSTRUSTIONS FOR UNIFORMS WITH SPECIALTY MATERIALS   HAND WASH ONLY WITH CARE   DO NOT DRY CLEAN   WATER TEMPERATURE WARNING The most critical element to the care of your uniform is the water temperature. Your uniform should be washed in cold water, which is water that will not you to keep your hand in it for more than 60 seconds without being uncomfortable. If the water coming out of your tap is not cold enough, fill your sink and add ice until the temperature lowers.   WASHING INSTRUCTIONS -          Use a clear, gentle PH balanced detergent. We recommend Dreft Detergent. -          If any stains are present, we recommend pre-treating with Dreft Stain Spray. -          Fill laundry sink with cold water (see above). -          Turn uniform inside out. -          Quickly submerge and handwash for 60 seconds. Do not rub fabrics together. -          Drain sink and refill with cold water to rinse. -          Gently squeeze out excess water, taking care not to wring dark and lighter colors together. -          Turn uniform right side out and lay flat on a towel to dry. You may want to insert a towel in the body of the uniform to speed drying and avoid any possibility of color transference while the garment is wet.   PLEASE NOTE: -          Perspiration, deodorant, hairspray, glitter spray, sunless tanning products and lotions may affect the color of your garment. Take precautions to avoid transference. -          Washing before wear may help prevent color-bleeding due to perspiration.   REBEL ATHLETIC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR GARMENTS THAT ARE LAUNDERED INCORRECTLY OR FOR CRYSTAL LOSS FROM REPEATED USE/WEAR OR INCORRECT LAUNDERING.
How do I become a Rebel model or brand ambassador?
We love our fans and we are so excited by how many people want to represent our brand!   Over summer, we run our model search on our social media pages, as well as hosting live casting calls in major cities.   We're always looking to add to the Rebel family so keep following us on social media so you can join the fun and win contests to become 'Rebel Royalty' as well as learn about opportunities to join our Rebel Model family in the future!
What’s the difference between the Dream Bag and Baby Dream Bag?
Size! For our smallest athletes, and our regular sized athletes looking for a cute, functional handbag, our Baby Dream Bag is a perfect replica of the original, just smaller!   The Baby Dream Bag shoe compartment will hold shoes up to a women’s size 6; it does not come with a Rebel charger. Look at the bag in action here.
How do I wash/care for my Dream Bag?
We recommend using a damp sponge to clean the inside of your bag, and spot cleaning the high-density sparkle ONLY when necessary. Do not use any harsh cleaners or chemicals as it will compromise the integrity of your Dream Bag.   *Rebel Athletic is not responsible for any damage to your Dream Bag due to normal wear and tear, or improper washing care.   **All Dream Bags come with a one year limited warranty in case of any manufacturing defects.
Can I pay to have my Dream Bag personalized with my athlete’s name?
We currently do not offer individual personalization on our Dream Bags, however, the bottom front pocket of the Dream Bag is an open canvas! Should you decide to take it somewhere locally for embroidery, please send us some pictures so we can feature your special Rebel Dream Bag on our social media.   *Rebel Athletic is not responsible for any damage to your Dream Bag that may occur through personal customization.   **All Dream Bags come with a one year limited warranty in case of any manufacturing defects. In the event of a defect, Rebel Athletic is not responsible for replacement or reimbursement for bag personalization (embroidery, patches etc).
Can I pay to have my athlete’s gym/team logo added to my Dream Bag?
No, gyms own their logos and we cannot legally apply their trademarked property without a licensing agreement. We recommend you go through your gym to enquire about team Dream Bags.
Hong long does the Rebel Charger that’s included with Rebel Dream Bag last?
3 hours of battery life after each full charge (the cord is at the bottom of the box)


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